Professional quality
wireframing and prototyping in minutes

Intuitive 'drag-and-drop' User Interface

UXToolbox's intuitive user interface enables you to design and build professional quality wireframes in minutes. No more slaving away, wasting time with a tool that isn't quite up to the job!

Interactive Presentations and Application Prototyping

Create rich Interactive Presentations and Application Prototypes with just a few clicks by linking your wireframes together. Application Prototyping helps stake-holders test product functionality and communicate ideas.

Design Wireframes for any type of Device or Application

UXToolbox comes with a wealth of templates enabling you to create wireframes for all manner of devices and applications. Can't find the template you are looking for? You can even import your own.

Switch between Simplistic and Pixel-Perfect Wireframes

Switch between Simplistic and Pixel-Perfect views of your Wireframes at the click of a button whenever and as often as you like.

UXToolbox at a Glance...

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Switch between Simple Sketched and Pixel-Perfect Wireframes
  • Fully Interactive Application Prototyping
  • Design Wireframes for any type of Device, Website or Application
  • Packed full of fully Customisable Control and UI elements
  • Annotate Wireframes and Mock-ups with tags and notes
  • Export Screen Element Coordinates
  • Export to HTML, PNGs, XML and Word
  • Run exported prototypes on real life devices

High Quality Reporting and Printing

Turn your Wireframes into High Quality Reports and Printouts that can be used as the basis of Customer Quotes, Presentation Handouts, Desgin Guides and Functional Design Specifications.

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