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UXToolbox Wireframe Examples

UXToolbox can create powerful and great looking wireframes and application prototypes in minutes. The following wireframe/prototype samples have been created entirely by using the out-of-the-box functionality contained in UXToolbox. Click the images below to view the presentations.

iPhone Email - Wireframe

A simple wireframe demo based upon the iPhone Email App.

iPhone Email - High Res

The same as the 'iPhone Email - Wireframe' demo except this time the wireframes have been rendered in high-res mode.

softandGUI Website

A wireframe mockup of the softandGUI website.

iTunes - Wireframe

A simple wireframe mockup of some of iTunes main screens.

UXToolbox at a Glance
  • Quick and Easy to use Wireframe and Prototyping environment
  • Design Applications, Websites, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Anything!
  • Packed full of Customisable
    Controls and UI Elements
  • Switch between Simple
    Wireframe and High Res Views
  • Create Pixel Perfect Wireframes
  • Fully interactive Application Prototyping
  • Design for Specific Screen Resolutions
  • Built support for Annotation
  • Multi coloured Comments and Notes
  • Full Printing Support
  • Customise Wireframe Highlights and Description Tags
  • Guidelines, Grids and Rulers
  • Alignment and Distribution Tools
  • Export Control Coordinates and Screen Navigation
  • Export to PNG, HTML, XML and Word
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