Free yourself to create high quality Wireframes and Interactive Prototypes in minutes

UXToolbox Overview
Welcome to softandGUI UXToolbox, the all-in-one rapid Wireframing and Application Prototyping solution. Designed for beginners and experts alike, UXToolbox has all the tools and features you need to create great looking and fully functional Wireframes and Mock-ups all within one easy-to-use solution.

Build Wireframes and Screen

UXToolbox supports all of the functionality and features that you would expect from a great Wireframing Tool.

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface, a large range of customisable controls and UI Elements, freedom to design for different device types, built in support for annotation and documentation.

Turn Wireframes into Prototypes

UXToolbox allows you to turn your Wireframes and Mock-ups into working, fully interactive, prototypes. Use application prototypes to identify design and interface problems before any significant work takes place.

Application prototypes can also provide a real sense of how an application will work and how users will attempt to interact with it.

Transform Wireframes into Documentation

UXToolbox supports Sheet Descriptions, Tags and multi-coloured stick-on Comments so you can quickly and easily document and annotate your Wireframes in the way you want.

At the click of a button UXToolbox lets you turn your descriptions and annotation into printed documentation or Word Documents.


Share your Wireframes and Mock-ups with friends and colleagues.

UXToolbox fully supports exporting Wireframes and Mock-ups to PNG image files, XML and Word documents or rich, fully interactive, HTML demos. Alternatively just hand them a print out.
UXToolbox at a Glance
  • Quick and Easy to use Wireframe and Prototyping environment
  • Design Applications, Websites, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Anything!
  • Packed full of Customisable
    Controls and UI Elements
  • Switch between Simple
    Wireframe and High Res Views
  • Create Pixel Perfect Wireframes
  • Fully interactive Application Prototyping
  • Design for Specific Screen Resolutions
  • Built support for Annotation
  • Multi coloured Comments and Notes
  • Full Printing Support
  • Customise Wireframe Highlights and Description Tags
  • Guidelines, Grids and Rulers
  • Alignment and Distribution Tools
  • Export Control Coordinates and Screen Navigation
  • Export to PNG, HTML, XML and Word
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