The simplest way to create professional quality wireframes and prototypes

Design Wireframes for any type of Device or Application

UXToolbox comes with a wealth of wireframe templates enabling you to create and build wireframes for all manner of devices and applications. Can't find the template you are looking for? You can even create your own.

Interactive Prototyping and Presentations

Turn wireframes into rich interactive prototypes by linking them together. Prototypes enable stake-holders to test product functionality and grasp the end goal. Prototypes can be exported and run on real-life devices.

Document and Annotate your Work

UXToolbox has built in support for documenting and annotating your work. Simply drop Annotation Tags onto your wireframe and start typing. You can even add Notes to your wireframes to capture thoughts, reminders, questions, etc.

Simplistic, Hybrid and High-Resolution Wireframes

Switch between Simplistic, Hybrid and High-Res renders of your wireframes. Change whenever and as often as you like.

High Quality Reporting and Printing

Turn your Wireframes into High Quality Reports and Printouts that can be used as the basis of Specification Documents, Customer Quotes, Presentation Handouts or Design Guides.

Intuitive 'drag-and-drop' User Interface

UXToolbox's intuitive user interface enables you to design and build professional quality wireframes and protoytypes from sctrach within minutes. Don't believe us, don't take our word for it, download our trial and give it a go for yourself.