Wireframes, Mock-ups and Prototypes

Design and build professional quality, fully interactive Wireframes, Mock-ups and Prototypes for Applications, Websites, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wearables, Anything!

Wireframing and Prototyping with UXToolbox

Annotate and Document

Add notes, annotation and general descriptions to your wireframes and prototypes. Optionally include mark-up in protoype presentations. Use the built-in Word export to create specification documents and reports

Wireframing and Prototyping with UXToolbox

Multiple Draw Modes

Design and build wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes in a choice of three different draw modes; Simplistic Wireframe, Hybrid and High-Resolution. Switch between modes as often and whenever you like

Wireframing and Prototyping with UXToolbox

Real-World Protoyping

Export wireframes to Device Optimised Prototypes that run on real-world devices as though they are the real thing. Add interaction cues to prompt users about areas they can interact with

Windows, Web, iOS, Android and Wearables

UXToolbox comes packed full of a huge range of wireframe templates and UI elements enabling you to design user interfaces for all types of devices and applications.

Custom Wireframe Templates

UXToolbox provides the ability to add your own custom wireframe templates. So even if you are working on a top secret project, or a device nobody has seen before you will still be able to use UXToolbox to design it.

Design for Specific Display Resolutions

UXToolbox has built-in support for the design and creation of wireframes and prototypes targeting any industry recognised display resolution. From CGA, through VGA and XGA right up to QSXGA. Simply specify the intended display resolution for your wireframe and start designing. You even have the freedom to specify your own custom display resolutions and sizes.

Wireframe, Hybrid and High-Res

Design and build wireframes and prototypes using a choice of three different draw modes. Get ideas down quicky focusing on functionality using the simplistic, sketched view. Refine your wireframes with the ultra-realistic, pixel-perfect, Hybrid or High-Resolution views.

Switch between Modes

Switch between modes as often as you like, at the click of a button.

Interactive Prototyping

Link together different wireframes and Mockups to create fully functional, interactive, prototypes in seconds.

Usability Testing

Prototypes provide stakeholders and end users with a real sense of how an application will look and work in the real world and how users will attempt to interact with it.

Real-Life Device Prototyping

UXToolbox gives users the power to create and run prototypes on real-life devices, such as iPhones and iPads.

Device Prototypes run full screen as though they are real apps and are an amazing way to see just how well your wireframes will stand up in the real world.

Fingertip Emulation

Test the accessibility of touch screen wireframes and prototypes with UXToolbox’s fingertip emulator.

UXToolbox’s finger tip emulator replaces the standard windows cursor with a to-scale representation of a user’s finger tip providing a great way to gauge the accessibility of your wireframes and mock-ups and how easy it will be to interact with them.

150+ fully Customisable UI Elements and Controls

UXToolbox comes packed to the brim, full of customisable UI elements and controls. Simply drag UI elelments onto your wireframe then edit, scale and positionas you like.

All of UXToolbox's UI elements and controls are avialable in Wireframe, Hybrid and High Resolution modes.

Annotate Wireframes and Prototypes

Annotate wireframes and prototypes using UXToolbox's built in Annotation Tags. Annotation Tags let you highlight areas of interest and to add detailed explanations to areas of complexity.

Annotation 'Auto Sort'

Missed out a tag or added some new or extra detail. UXToolbox lets you sort and re-label annotation tags at the click of a button.

Capture Thoughts, Ideas and Feedback

Add notes to your wireframes and prototypes to keep track of thoughts, ideas or feedback.

Customisable and Versitile

UXToolbox's built-in notes are designed to be customisable and versitile. Assign different colour to notes to capture different types of information or feedback from different sources or add built-in icons to quickly decern the notes content.

Export to PNG, HTML, XML and Word

UXToolbox makes it easy to share wireframes and prototypes with friends and colleagues. Wireframes and prototypes can be exported to PNG, HTML, XML and Word documents.

UXToolbox provides complete control over which content is exported enabling you to choose the content and information you want to share.

Custom XML ‘Tag’ Element

To increase the functionality of UXToolbox's XML export we’ve added a custom ‘Tag’ property to every Wireframe Template, UI Element and Control.

The ‘Tag’ property field can be used to include your own unique custom information in the XML export. Write whatever you like into this field and it will be included as a new element in the XML export.

Dynamic UI Element and Control Search

UXToolbox has so many UI elements and controls sometimes it is hard to find the one you want. To make sure you spend all of your time designing and not wasting it hunting around for the right control, we’ve added a UI Element Search so you can quickly and easily find the UI elements you need without any fuss.


Print your work using UXToolbox’s built-in print functionality. Choose between 3 customisable layout options to get the print out you want.

Print Handouts

Going to an important meeting, or brainstorming with your peers? UXToolbox’s Print functionality can be used to print neat and tidy handouts of your wireframes and screen mock-ups.

Real-time Thumbnail Navigation

UXToolbox uses thumbnail representations of your wireframes to help navigate around your Solutions. Double-click a thumbnail to load its corresponding wireframe into the drawing area ready for editing.

Thumbnails are continuely updated in real time, as you make changes to your wireframes the changes will be automatically reflected in your thumbnails.

Intuitive, Drag-&-Drop User Interface

UXToolbox has all of the rulers, grids and guidelines that you would expect from a great wireframing and prototyping tool.

Add in a good helping of useful shortcuts and dynamic toolbars on top of Customs Zooms, Alignment and Distribution commands, Layering, Locking and Grouping and you really do have a powerful tool.

Our Promise

Working closely with UX'ers and listening to our customers, UXToolbox has become one of the easiest to use and most powerful wireframing and prototyping tools available.

We want you to enjoy using UXToolbox as much as we do. In fact we want you love using it and to smile every time you’re asked to design something new! If you have a suggestion how we could make UXToolbox even better we would love to hear from you and will do our best to help.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) - Windows 10


.Net 4.5 framework


An internet connection for product activation


Processor - Intel® 2.2 GHz processor or equivalent

RAM - 512MB (4096MB recommended)

Hard Disk Space - 70MB